Winter can be a difficult season to style because there’s a delicate balance between being warm and stylish, without looking like a snowman.

Grabbing the warmest (and potentially ugliest) jumper from the bottom of your closet may seem like a good idea, but if it doesn’t suit your body shape, you won’t even want to leave your house.

Here are 4 tips for staying warm even in the coldest weather whilst still looking stylish:

1. Layer. Layer. Layer.

Layering is an easy and practical way to keep warm and still look great in winter. The best part is that you probably already have layers in your drawer as a part of your capsule wardrobe, so you don’t need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of layers.

Simply wear a long-sleeved T-shirt as your base layer under a sleeveless dress or a short sleeve blouse. A thinner layer (like a long sleeved t-shirt) can stop you looking too bulky + add the necessary warmth to combat the freezing temperatures.

Layering also means that you can wear all of your clothes at any time of the year, recycling your summer and winter clothes into one complete wardrobe that fits you well and suits your needs.

the-baand-emma-dark-grey-small2. Create a silhouette

Have you ever found yourself wearing big jumpers and coats that drown you? You can still wear big jumpers – simply add new life to this winter staples by finding an awesome belt and showing off your waist. This strategy also works amazingly well with coats, jumper dresses, and cardigans.

You get to show off your beautiful body whilst still staying warm.

3. Add a scarf

Oh scarves! They’re the magical accessory that can take an outfit from day to night or keep you warm in the next boardroom meeting. Plus, a scarf will fit in your bag, meaning you can have it on hand and use it when you need it.

To make a statement this winter, avoid dark colours that can leave you feeling washed out. Use scarves to add a pop of colour or pattern and instantly transform a lackluster outfit into a beautiful, trendy look.


4. Invest

Wearing quality fabrics this winter, especially cashmere, will do a much better job than wool or synthetic fabrics to keep you warm. Plus, cashmere looks and feels much more luxurious and stylish.

There’s no escaping the cold, but there’s no need to look messy . You can be warm and look amazing. Remember to layer up and then add on a few statement pieces to pull your whole look together.


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