One of the perks of a capsule wardrobe is that you can wear all of your clothes in a variety of situations. You can look professional at work, flirty on date night, or feel comfortable on lazy Saturday afternoons.

One conversation our stylist is constantly having with Style Lyrical members is how to take your look from work to going out. As busy women, we don’t have time to travel from work to home so that we can change our clothes, get back on the tube, and go back out to meet our friends/go on a date. There isn’t enough time (or energy!) in the day.

We need versatile outfits that can easily go from the office to a night out. As winter is coming, and thus the numerous after work parties, it’s impractical to drag along an extra pair of shoes or a whole separate outfit. Wearing an adaptable outfit is essential and will take a massive stress out of your day.

It’s actually very simple to take your outfit from “boardroom serious” to “fun night out” by only a couple of changing items.

Here are 4 easy tips to transform any outfit:

1. Build on what you’re already wearing

If you know you have plans after work, wear something classic that you can then build upon. Classic items include a black shift dress or a pencil skirt. You could simply add a great jacket or sexy shoes to transform from day to evening instantly.


2. Add a scarf

Scarves are the magical accessories. A scarf can give a professional outfit a bit of personality and then pop in the evening for a more drastic look. Plus, at night, you don’t have to just wear the scarf around your neck – it can turn into a headband or whimsical belt.


3. Fabrics

When you are getting ready in the morning, choose a nice fabric that will travel well. Fabrics that won’t crease are wool, polyester, and cashmere. Wear something versatile in the morning and jazz it up with a statement piece for the night.


4. Statement Jewellery

A statement piece is the KEY to going from day to night. A great necklace or a gorgeous pair of earrings can instantly dress up a simple outfit with little effort and not much space in your bag. Don’t forget to fold up a scarf and keep it in your bag too. (See, scarves are magical!)



You spend hard-earned money on your wardrobe – make sure it’s working for you. Use your capsule wardrobe and make sure you’re ready for any situation, day or night.

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