style_lyrical_personal_styling_how_to_change_careers_blogDo you wake up in the morning feeling confident and ready to tackle the day? Or, do you dread waking up because of the sinking feeling that you have to go to a job that you hate?

You feel miserable about the day in front of you – the commute, the cold office, and that annoying colleague what wants to be your BFF.

We’ve all been there.

You’re a hard worker. You’re smart and competent, but somehow any simple task can feel like a huge burden. You find that you’re more negative than usual. Instead of rising to challenges, you sneak out early.

Changing careers is a necessary part of your professional career. Professional change gives new opportunities that may not have been there before.

To take advantage of what’s behind the new door, you have to be brave and take clear steps towards exchanging the norm for something new.

We’re not oblivious to how scary making a professional change can be. All of the ladies at Style Lyrical HQ have made drastic changes in their professional lives in the last 3 years. We have all overcome poor choices, fear, anxiety, failure, and the naysayers. We’ve also come out on the other side in a new and happier place.

Here are 5 steps that we all took to make changes in our careers:

 1.  Start with self-awareness

Being self-aware is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Having clarity around who you are, what you want, and where you want to go in life will make decision-making far easier down the road.

If you aren’t sure where to start, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want?
  • What kind of person do I want to be?
  • What kind of job fits into my lifestyle?
  • What makes me happy?
  • What skills do I already have?
  • What skills do I want to have?
  • How much effort am I willing to put in to make my life better?

2.  Break down your goal into baby steps

Feeling overwhelmed by wanting to do everything is normal. It’s overwhelming to think that you need to start making major changes in your life all at once. Not only is that unrealistic, but it will overwhelm you so much that your brain won’t know how to respond.

To avoid this, break down your big goal into tiny, digestible, achievable goals that you can work on slowly. Think about how education works – you take one class at a time until you ultimately earn your degree or certification. Use this same approach as you break down your larger goal. Also, give yourself a bit of wiggle room. Life happens. Things change. Give yourself the grace to allow things to happen without losing sight of what you really want.

3.  Make change a priority

Change isn’t going to happen because you want it to. You need to take action. No one is going to knock on your door, ask you if you want a new job and offer you £10K more a year. If do you nothing, nothing will happen.

Make your life a priority. Clear just 15 hours a week from your schedule to work on your new goal. (15 hours isn’t that much: it’s either the evenings after work, or your weekends, but not both). If you think you don’t have time for 15 hours a week, think about how much time you spend watching TV, going to the pub, or commuting on the tube.

4.  Save your money

Money is the currency of freedom. Money is more than a reliable savings account, passively waiting for something bad to happen. You can use this money to invest in yourself.

If you want to start your own business, start saving now to invest in it.

If you want to go on new interviews, you may need to invest in a proper wardrobe

If you want to learn a new skill, invest in that education.

If you want to surround yourself with players in your new field, you may need to take time off work for a conference or retreat.

Investing in your future self is not a waste of money. Making a change in your career will require some sort of time and effort spent to get there.

Start setting aside money now to allow you to move forwards.

5.  Find your tribe

Having a core group of people who support your efforts to change careers is imperative. You won’t be able to do this alone. You’re going to need a few people to brainstorm with, complain to, and celebrate with.

Stay away from negative people. They may have good intentions, but you don’t need negativity right now. You need positive, up-lifting people who can see the bright side on dark days.

When you’re ready to seek a tribe outside of your social network, consider joining a group to support you such as Escape the City . You might also consider hiring a business coach who can help you strategize, think, and plan from an outsider’s perspective.

What can you do today?

If you really want to take action in your life, you’re already doing the right thing by reading this article. You clearly want to make a change, and that’s a good thing.

Start with step 1 and begin thinking about what you really want.

This isn’t just your career we’re talking about – this is your life. And you deserve an amazing life.








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