style-lyrical-personal-styling-stine-goya-1You haven’t seen Scandinavian fashion until you’ve seen Stine Goya.

Designed by the designer with the same name, the Stine Goya collection is a mixture of colour and geometric patterns. Each piece has a playful design with a feminine colour palate, stemming from her childhood hobby of sewing her own clothes.

After graduating from Central St. Martins in 2005 with a degree in fashion and print, Stine started her own brand, focusing on Scandinavian design. Today, the brand can be found in 25 countries worldwide.

Established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006, this brand encourages women to express their personality through each of their pieces.   You can see emotion through the unique silhouettes of the blouse or dress.

Stine finds inspiration from various places in her life. During her time at Central St. Martins, she was exposed to multi-national influences from her peers, which inspired her to take different influences and put together a collection that is entirely her. Today, she’s inspired by art collections, books, and various other places. Sometimes she finds it from personal and designer friends; other times, she turns to big brands, especially Chanel.

Stine uses her inspiration to visually portray a specific tone or emotion in her next collection. She creates a mood board, sketches, and collection colours. She uses prints to get the exact picture out of her head and into something tangible. When you put on a few of her luxurious pieces, you will instantly know that she spent hours obsessing over the silhouette lines, colour blocks, and overall look.

You’ll know that she is an inspired artist.

You can see the beauty of her art in her collections. Some focus on classic lines and others are more experimental by dipping into contemporary patterns. It’s easy to see the depth of the Stine Goya universe. Having a varied collection allows you, the buyer, to express your individuality as you get dressed in the morning.


stine-goya-2The attention Stine shows to her work is admirable. Her devotion to her life outside of her company shows her commitment to her family. She’s mentioned in multiple interviews that raising her children to have self-confidence is vastly important to her. Even with almost two decades of experience in the fashion world, first as a model, then as a magazine editor, as a student, and now as a designer, Stine always come back to what is most important to her: her family, her work, and individuality.

With a small team of 7, Stine Goya, as a company, is small and mighty. Teamwork is a necessary part of the brand. Whether it’s working together in the flagship store in Gothersgade or partnering with international designers, Stine Goya ensures that the brand maintains its attention to detail and fabric that makes for a lasting product.

At Style Lyrical HQ, one of our biggest values is creating a wardrobe that will last you for years to come. We believe that fast fashion is wasteful to the environment and to your bank account. We also think that fast fashion doesn’t always equate to purchases that suit your beautiful body shape or your long-term needs.

Stine Goya’s sustainably minded perspective aligns with Style Lyrical’s value of creating a capsule wardrobe that suits your body shape and your lifestyle. However, the unique designs give you that pop of individuality, allowing you to feel special.

We’re proud that Stine Goya is one of our first brands. If you want a Stine Goya piece in your next Style Box, do mention it to your personal stylist on your next call.

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