The easiest way to confidently diversify your wardrobe and show your personality is to add accessories.  For 10+ years, Lis Beck and Anna Söndergaard have been pooling their innovative and creative minds into their exclusive brand: Becksöndergaard. Founded in 2003, these Danes combine subtle and unique prints to create luxurious accessories.

Becksöndergaard scarves are like nothing you’ve ever worn. They are warm, inventive, and add just the right pop of colour.

Some might say that scarves are magical pieces. With a scarf, you can easily go from day to night or spice up the standard jeans and a t-shirt. A scarf can warm up any top (a necessity in England’s fickle weather) or add some spice to your outfit for this year’s Christmas party.



And it doesn’t matter if it’s a casual or professional event you’re going to, you can throw a scarf in your bag and wear it as you need it. Consider a scarf your personal suit of armour, adding variety just when you need it most.

Over the years, Becksöndergaard has been known for Scandinavian design, which marries simplicity and style, making an interesting and playful brand. When you open a scarf, you’ll be surprised at the patterns, collages, and prints that hide underneath. When you wear one of these scarfs, you can express yourself without going overboard. Your quirky personality can shine through while staying conservative and classy.

In March 2015, BBC announced that scarfs are the “new power symbol” for women.  Just a like a man would “ramp up” his suit with a patterned tie, women have the same option with a scarf. Scarves are professional and distinctive, just like you.

One of Style Lyrical’s values is supporting brands that strive for affordable, quality, and stylish pieces that last for years. Becksöndergaard lives up to that value with the added perk of an eccentric design – their designs feature can anything from skylines to lounging tigers.

Becksöndergaard’s scarf collection has a variety of fabrics to meet all of your needs: wool/silk, cotton, wool/cashmere, and 100% wool. The affordable prices of these scarves ranging from £45 – £65 have made them popular in our style boxes with 1 in 3 customers buying one.

Want a Becksöndergaard scarf in your next style box? Click here to sign up for a box.



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