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Author of Start With Your Sock DrawerVicky Silverthorn is the top organisation and decluttering expert in London.  Not only will her amazing and diverse resume pique your interest, but her calm demeanor and easy-going attitude make her instantly likeable.

Organized.  Simple.  Uncluttered. Calm.

Yesterday, she came to Style Lyrical HQ for an in-person Style Consultation.  She sat down for a few minutes and answered some of our most burning questions about decluttering your life, your home, and your wardrobe.  

Why do you believe having a decluttered life is important?

Too much choice is bad.  You get overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed. When you are decluttered, doing the daily tasks become much easier.

What is the one thing you would tell a busy woman on how to create simplicity in her life?

Just try it.  Live with less.  Create less choice in your life.  Simplify.  Only have things in your life and in your home that you want, that you need, and that fit you and personality perfectly.  Remember, it’s all about how you feel.

How does being organized and decluttered have a positive impact on your life?

I think more clearly.  I am more productive.  I know my limits, and I’m aware of what I need compared to what I want.  Additionally, I’m mindful of what’s good in my life.  I realize that I have enough, and having enough is good enough.

What are 5 things do you recommend someone do after they’ve decluttered their wardrobe?

  1. When you’re ready to buy something new, think about what you are purchasing.  Make sure that you are purchasing something that you really need.
  2. If you are shopping for clothes, try before you buy.  I see so many people buying items that they haven’t even tried on before.  Try it on.  See how it feels.  Make sure you’re going to wear it.
  3. Give yourself time.  Walk around the store for at least 10 minutes, and hold the items in your hands. Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?”
  4. Make new habits.  If you’re in the habit of making impulse buys, change your behaviour so you don’t repeat the same habits.
  5. Reduce the opportunity for guilt.  When you are buying something you really need instead of something just because, you feel more deserving and excited about the purchase.  When you get home, you’ll feel great about having that item in your house.

What can someone do tonight that won’t be overwhelming but will also make an impact on their life?

Find a small project (going through one drawer, cleaning out the fridge, organising your sock drawer) to COMPLETE.  Start the project, work on it, and complete it in one sitting.  Give yourself the opportunity to succeed and create a positive experience for yourself.

After spending the afternoon with Vicky, the Style Lyrical team are now planning to declutter their homes this weekend.  Vicky values the capsule wardrobe, slow fashion and only bringing quality pieces into your home, and we’re going to be clearing out our wardrobes to make room for exactly that!

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